Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Antonov An-8 "Camp" _ Антонова Aн-8 _ Metszetrajz - Cutaway / Cross Section Drawing's Reconstructioned and Developed variants' Printed Edition

Below; Air Art Graphic's Developed by Adobe -Photoshop Colored Cross Section Graphic with additional detail parts Demo variant.
Size of Printing Variants by AAG ;
B3 (35,3 x 50,0 cm) slicing wide 3/4=25,0 cm   (25,0 x 50,0) M = 1 : 72    price: 15 € + mail package
B2 (50,0 x 70,7 cm) slicing wide ~1/2=28,0 cm (28 x 70,7   ) M = 1 : 48    price: 29 € + mail package
Below; Air Art Graphic's Reconstructioned Cross Section Skeleton drawing Demo variant
Basic Photoshop graphic Drawing's Scale is M=1.47,2  B3 1/2 size

Attention ! Sorry ! The Downloaded Drawing will not Scale due  Blog pict. size limitation !
Below; Parts of Cross section drawings Original Source JPG from an Russian Modeller site
(BIG size !)

Below; Addition 6 view Russian Tiff - JPEG drawing for precise (BIG size !)
other An-8 informations; http://x-factorialis-redisz.blogspot.hu

Megrendelés esetén küldés; Postai utánvétellel ( ár + csomagolás és feladási díj )

Remark: International Mail / Postal package Unfortunately the After Receiving Post by cash no available!  Only in Netherland (Holland / Dutch)  in EU. Not available sending package to Holland a like it after price bank Transfer only total precautionary Bank Transfering from NL !! Because in other situtaion has'nt cash the Dutch ordering member;dj- fliggy holiemark@hotmail.com ( NL - Geertruidenberg ) for Harley Davidson calendar pack. 
Other Countriescash on delivery and packaking's cost.

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